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FOUNDER & CEO Akash Shiwach

I am student of Bsc and now i started my own buisness to a very aristocratic level JANKALYAN AYURVEDA... not only for my profit but for entire country. Everyone have dreams but in India , Friends the aim 's of starting this company is not only to get the profit but to remove the darkness of the chemicals form the eyes of the people of our country and give them best quality because quality is never accident:- it always the result of intelligent efforts.. We give 100 percent in our work. Our company jankalyan ayurveda products made by 100% natural ingredients .we never compromise with quailty our products are without any side effects . Our goal here is to provide low prices on high quality products and exellent services to consumers.... Swadeshi apnaye desh ko aage badhaye .....support the jankalyan ayurveda and then see the results thank you.... A PURE LADDER OF LIFE WITH RADIANT FUTURE......